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Background Tycho is a major character in the comic "Penny Arcade", and in the video game, "Penny Arcade Adventures". He is overly-sarcastic and frequently rude which contrasts with his friend Gabe who is childish and silly and he is also the other half of the Penny Arcade Duo.

Poker Night at the Inventory - Homestar Runner Wiki Poker Night at the Inventory is a game for Windows and Mac by Telltale Games released on November 22, 2010, that features Strong Bad, Max (from Sam & Max: Freelance Police), Tycho (from Penny Arcade), and Heavy Weapons Guy (from Team … Poker Night at the Inventory is out on Monday | PC Gamer Telltale's Poker Night at the Inventory, a poker game starring Team Fortress 2's Heavy and Penny Arcade's Tycho, among others, is set to launch on Monday. The game gives players the opportunity to win a series of exclusive items for TF2 … Poker Night at the Inventory Trainer | Cheat Happens PC Game Poker Night at the Inventory +2 trainer for PC and supports Steam.

The Inventory is a secret club built underneath a video game storage warehouse.As a newcomer, the player competes in a friendly game of Texas Hold'em Poker with Max of Sam & Max, Strong Bad from Homestar Runner, Tycho from Penny Arcade, and the Heavy from Team Fortress 2. The player...

tycho poker night at the inventory - Just a side departure from MechWarrior 2 series for a minute.. I probably won’t post another from this game again, but this game had just come out yesterday, …

On this episode of TF2 Game Break Time, the RED Team gets word of a hidden speakeasy simply known as the 'Inventory' where high-stakes…Poker Night at the Inventory (PC) - Click2Play - digitální… › žánry › sportovníPřipravte se na nový zážitek pokerové noci v poněkud odlišné kategorii klubu. Zde si totiž zahrajete s chytrým a mazaným Tychem z komiksů Penny Arcade, mohutným Heavym ze hry Team Fortres

Yes, I've seen Tycho and Max exhibit a tell. Only once for each of them, when they had something like pocket aces and flopped another ace.

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Nov 4, 2010 ... Poker Night at the Inventory is a poker game that pits the Heavy from TF2 against Penny Arcade's Tycho, Max from Sam & Max and Strong Bad ...